Crying babies are the biggest irritant to air passengers, according to a poll.

More than 24% reckoned wailing infants were the worst part of a plane trip, the survey by flight comparison site found.

Passengers who talk loudly were the second-biggest irritant to air travellers.

This was followed by listening to loud music, snoring and the annoying habit of kicking the seat in front.

Some of the 691 people surveyed listed smelly passengers as being particularly annoying, while others objected to chatty or large fellow-travellers.

Passengers who whistled were not too popular either, while there were also objections to canoodling couples.

A spokeswoman said: "Sadly, not much can be done to stop crying babies - singled out by one in four as the greatest in-flight frustration - although family-only areas were suggested to contain noise and ease parents' embarrassment."