Developing nations' airports recognized in Dubai

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Airports from rapidly growing destinations around the world have been awarded for their services in the inaugural Emerging markets Airports Awards on April 26.

The awards ceremony, which took place in Dubai, recognized the best places to fly to in the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia, all areas that are experiencing significant growth in travel.

Tbilisi International Airport in Georgia took the prize for the best emerging airport in Russia CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Eastern Europe, Baltic Republic, while Tunisia's Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport was judged the best in Africa.

Bangaluru International Airport, which opened only two years ago, was the best airport on the Indian subcontinent, while Abu Dhabi International was awarded Best Emerging Airport in the Middle East. In March, Abu Dhabi was deemed the "most improved airport" globally by consumer ratings site SkyTrax.

Dubai took several awards in the ceremony - Dubai International Airport was recognized as the most environmentally friendly airport in the world's emerging markets, while its President H.H. Sheikh Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum was judged "Airline Personality of the Year." Al Maktoum also serves as Chairman of Dubai flag-carrier Emirates, one of the fastest-growing airlines in the region.

The awards organizers hope that the ceremony can provide a boost to airports operating in the region, which are often overlooked in favor of larger destinations.

"The Emerging Markets Airports Awards comes at a crucial time when the air travel industry globally is going through a tough time. Just as the industry was grappling with the after-effects of recession, it was hit by last week's widespread closure of European airspace" said Raj Menon, spokesperson for the awards. "Emerging Markets Airports Awards provides the industry with the much required positive momentum at such a moment."