Air traffic remained seriously disrupted across Europe Sunday as a cloud of ash released from Iceland's volcanic eruption forced many countries to close their airspace.

Following is a list of airspace disruptions across the continent.

AUSTRIA: Austria to reopen its airspace Monday at 0400 GMT.

BELGIUM: Belgium has extended closure of its airspace until 0600 GMT Monday, but in, but indicated some flights possible on Monday.

BOSNIA: Airspace to partially reopen from 1800 GMT Sunday.

BRITAIN: Britain extends flight ban in its airspace until 0600 GMT Monday.

BULGARIA: Airspace partially reopened from 1100 GMT Sunday.

CROATIA: Nearly all airports reopened on Sunday.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Airspace closed until at least 1000 GMT Monday.

DENMARK: Danish airspace will remain closed until at least 0600 GMT Monday.

ESTONIA: Airspace closed until at least 0000 GMT Monday.

FINLAND: All commercial flights grounded until 1200 GMT Sunday.

FRANCE: Most French airports including international hubs Charles de Gaulle and Orly will stay closed until Tuesday morning. Several southern airports including Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux and Toulouse open.

GERMANY: Germany re-opens six airports temporarily, including Frankfurt, one of Europe's main hubs.

HUNGARY: Hungarian airspace closed until 1000 GMT Monday.

ICELAND: Airports remain open.

IRELAND: Airspace closed until 1200 GMT Monday.

ITALY: Airspace across northern Italy closed until 0600 GMT on Monday.

LATVIA: Airspace closed until 0600 GMT Monday.

LITHUANIA: Airspace open to aircraft that don't need navigational aid, airports closed.

NETHERLANDS: Dutch airspace will remain closed until at least 1800 GMT on Sunday.

NORWAY: Almost all Norwegian airspace north of Bergen was opened Sunday, with the capital Oslo expected to open by the end of the day.

POLAND: Six airports in the centre and north of the country, including the capital Warsaw, reopened at 1400 GMT on Sunday, but authorities warned conditions were expected to worsen.

ROMANIA: Romania reopened its airspace for transiting overflights from 0900 GMT on Sunday, but take-offs and landings at its airports remain suspended.

RUSSIA: Russia's airports remain open.

SERBIA: Airspace over Serbia and Montenegro set to reopen from 1800 GMT Sunday.

SLOVAKIA: Slovakian airspace closed until 2159 GMT Sunday.

SLOVENIA: Slovenia closed airspace until further notice.

SPAIN: All airports in Spain open.

SWEDEN: Some airspace open but few commercial flights allowed to fly.

SWITZERLAND: Switzerland extended a ban on commercial flights at its airports until Monday at 1200 GMT. Overflights at altitudes over 36,000 feet (11,000 metres) allowed.

UKRAINE: Kiev airport reopened and operating normally.