European hotel prices fall in November

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European hotel prices have fallen an average of 16 percent this month, according to data released November 16 by

All of the 50 most popular cities tracked by the hotel booking site showed a fall in prices compared to October 2010, with the average price for a room in the area only €101.

Sizeable reductions in the average price are evident in Venice, down 44 percent to €114, Rome, down 31 percent to €113 and Paris, down 23 percent to €139.

Other destinations currently offering good value include Lisbon, down 23 percent to €82, Krakow and Stockholm, both down 21 percent to €64 and €141 respectively and Athens, where prices have fallen by 19 percent to an average of €85 a night, making Greek prices the lowest this year.

The cheapest destination in Europe this month is Krakow, the figures suggest, offering an average nightly rate of €64, which just tops Budapest's €67 and Granada's €68.

The most expensive destination remains Geneva, with a nightly rate of €181, down from €206 in October.

Europe's most expensive destinations - November 2010

1. Geneva €181
2. London €157
3. Oslo €148
4. Stockholm €141
5. Paris €137

Data provided by Trivago