European hotel prices rise for fifth consecutive month

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The average price of a hotel room in Europe is €120 this month, a climb of two per cent from April.

The figures, compiled by online travel firm Trivago, show significant price hikes in Nuremberg, which rose 35 percent; Barcelona, which climbed 22 percent and Oslo, which experienced a 15 percent increase to an average of €175 a night.

Hotel prices are now at an all-time high in several European cities, having risen  dramatically during the last 24 months despite the recession.

Two years ago, London (currently €170 per night) cost only €141, Rome (now €174) was €124 in May 2008 and Barcelona (now €181) cost €116 two years ago.

Geneva holds top spot as the most expensive city surveyed, at €198 a night. It switches places with Venice, which was most expensive in April.

Hanover was the cheapest city at €78.

Europe's most expensive hotels
Data from Trivago

1. Geneva €198
2. Venice €197
3. Barcelona €181
4. Oslo €175
5. Rome €174