Hotel prices in Europe have risen in December, according to the most recent Hotel Price Index from hotel comparison site

As the busy winter travel season begins, travellers headed to the continent will pay an average of €107 per night for a room, compared to €101 in November, Trivago said December 13.

The data showed that the rise was particularly sharp in cities with popular Christmas markets and celebrations, with price in London up 17 percent (€186), Brussels up 27 percent (€118), Vienna up 14 percent (€129) and Cologne up by 9 percent (€109).

Conversely, the south has seen some price dips, with overnight costs in Barcelona down 16 percent (€80), Milan down 15 percent (€106), and Istanbul down 22 percent (€97).

However, the price reductions were not uniform, as several Spanish destinations have seen spikes caused by their popularity as winter getaway spots - accommodation costs in Seville rose by 38 percent (€107) and Granada rose by 50 percent (€104).

Trivago also noted that hotel prices in Britain have also climbed this month, making it the seventh most expensive country in Europe - behind Austria, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland, the most expensive.

Geneva is the most expensive city to stay in this month, while Sofia is the cheapest at only €72 a night on average.

Europe's most expensive destinations

1. Geneva (€188)
2. London (€186)
3. Oslo €174)
4. Stockholm (€161)
5. Copenhagen (€150)

Data provided by Trivago