Prices in European hotels rose for the first time since May this month, according to data published September 8 by Trivago UK, although hotel stays are still cheaper than they were in September 2009.

Travelers to and in Europe will pay an average of €110 a night, according to price comparison site Trivago, an eight percent increase over last month but still a significant saving on €120 this time last year.

Venice and Milan have experienced particular price hikes, said Trivago, due to film and fashion events respectively causing a surge in demand for beds in the cities - a room in Venice costs €191 this month while one in Milan costs €125.

Granada was up 38 percent (€90), Seville up 31 percent (€92) and Paris 26 percent (€162), although there were significant reductions in some European cities.

Brussels experienced a price fall of 30 percent (€96), Bucharest 34 percent (€76) and Frankfurt 36 percent (€84), with other German towns such as Cologne and Munich also seeing a drop in the average nightly rate.

Geneva remains the most expensive city surveyed by Trivago, while Bucharest and Sofia are the cheapest.

Europe's most expensive hotel rooms
Data from Trivago

1. Geneva €195
2. Stockholm €164
3. Paris €162
4. Oslo €158
5. London €155