European hotel prices slide again

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The price of a hotel in many European cities is continuing to decline, according to data released July 6 by hotel price comparison site Trivago.

The average price of a hotel in Europe's top cities was just €108 this month, with 38 of the 50 cities indexed by Trivago posting a fall in average price.

Spanish cities posted some of the most dramatic falls, with the price of a room in Madrid dropping by 21 percent to €96 and both Seville and Granada hitting their annual lows of €73 and €66 respectively.

The Scandinavian region, traditionally one of the most expensive in Europe, has also seen considerable falls, with Oslo falling 21 percent to €137, Stockholm falling ten percent to €151 and Copenhagen falling nine percent to €143.

Notable cities bucking the trend of decreasing prices include London, which jumped 18 percent to €183 a night in July, and Munich, which rose two percent to €104.

Trivago's data showed that the cheapest place to book a room this month is Granada, at only €66 a night, whilst the most expensive is Geneva, at €195 a night.

Europe's Most Expensive Hotel Rooms - July 2010
Data provided by Trivago

1. Geneva - €195
2. London - €183
3. Venice - €176
4. Stockholm - €151
5. Cannes - €149