European hotel prices soar

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Rates at European hotels have jumped 19 percent since last month, research published by Trivago September 20 suggested.

Despite the holiday season being well and truly over, the average price of a bed for the night in Europe has jumped to €136 from €113 in August, Trivago said in its monthly Hotel Price Index.

Popular city destinations across the continent have seen prices soar, with Brussels up 67 percent to €152, Barcelona up 48 percent to €179 and Paris up 36 percent to €204.

Other capitals seeing prices soar included Amsterdam (up 29 percent to €189), Vienna (up 23 percent to €143), Berlin (up 43 percent to €120) and Lisbon (up 32 percent to €86).

The average price of a night in Milan, set to host its fashion week later this month, costs €196 this month (up 63 percent) while Munich, where Oktoberfest is now underway, will set travelers back some €201 on average, nearly €100 than in August.

On a country level, the largest price rises since August were in Belgium (up 40 percent), Germany (up 30 percent) and Turkey (up 28 percent).

Europe's most expensive destinations - September 2011

1. Geneva €298
2. Venice €285
3. Paris €204
4. Munich €201
5. London €200