The presence of too many fellow British tourists is turning travellers off visits to Spain as the country is "not foreign enough", it was revealed today.

The number of English-themed bars in Spain is also a deterrent, a survey by online travel agent found.

Spain and its Canary Islands were among the five destinations that had seen the least growth in bookings of late.

In contrast, bookings to the US have increased, with 48 per cent saying they hoped to meet a celebrity in America.

Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Portugal were among the other holiday destinations showing the biggest growth in bookings at the moment.

A fear of camels was a reason given for not wanting to visit Tunisia, while one respondent said a trip to the Canary Islands was unlikely due to a fear of birds.

The quality of kebabs was one of the reasons given for choosing Turkey for a sunshine break. co-founder Chris Brown said: "After looking at the popularity of certain destinations based on percentage share of bookings on our site from a trade point of view, we then wanted to hear why consumers like or dislike certain locations.

"Some of the reasons people gave for not wanting to holiday in certain places were very amusing."