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Even if the new Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte (US) is designed for frequent flyers, the hotel itself is environmentally friendly and the first of the luxe chain to receive the industry's LEED Gold certificate.

Also the first LEED-certified hotel in greater Charlotte, the new Ritz-Carlton -- open from this month -- has stuck to green principles from employees' uniforms made of recycled plastic bottles all the way through to a roof full of plants insulating the building.

The more than 18,000 plants will be "slowing rain runoff and cooling the air through evaporation of water from leaves," according to the chain.

There is also an internal water purification and container system in place that will ultimately "save more than 104 barrels of oil, eliminate nearly 49 tons of CO2 emissions and save almost 605,000,000 BTUs of electricity each year."

While guests can take advantage of hybrid vehicle shuttles, the hotel provides extra incentives by offering complimentary parking for hybrid cars and free bikes.

Even the wellness area is designed with the 'conscious' frequent traveler in mind: all-organic products are used during beauty and spa treatments (the hotel's specialty is the 'Green Your Body' eco-treatment), lunch offers are 're-nourishing,' and PDA overusers can participate in 'techno-stress relief' sessions. 

Rates at the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte start at $239. Further US openings of Ritz-Carlton hotels planned this year include one in Dove Mountain and another one in Lake Tahoe.

Site: www.ritzcarlton.com