Her Maj's top tips for business trips


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Yesterday the Queen set off on the first leg of her Jubilee tour. By her Maj's usual standards the 100-mile, one-hour trip from London to Leicester was nothing. She is, after all, the most travelled monarch in history having traipsed through 129 countries on 256 overseas tours – with never a day off sick. And thanks to Sir Peter Tapsell MP we now know the secret to her constitution: she never eats shellfish, watermelon or salad while abroad.

These, according to a courtier, are her golden rules. But what else can the modern business traveller – for she is very much "on business" – learn from Liz?

First, keep on smiling, whatever happens. Whether your travel companion has just made a politically incorrect joke (see Duke of Edinburgh) or your host has just expectorated into a spittoon near your bag (as happened to the Queen in China in 1986) – keep flashing the gnashers.

Second, be sure to pack for all eventualities. Ryanair doesn't let us take half a ton of trunks on board its planes, so we can't take a dozen hats, the ubiquitous see-through umbrellas or four changes of clothes per day. We can, however, dress for the weather, and remember to take that night-time cardi.

Jetlag your downfall? Tackle it the royal way: ignore it. After a 22-hour flight to Australia last October, the Queen got straight off the plane and spent the next few hours receiving dignitaries. She's 85.

Finally, whatever you do, no matter how much the locals encourage you, take your cue from the Queen, not Prince Harry – leave the traditional dancing to the pros.