It appears that Hong Kong tourists like to do a lot more than sleep when it comes to finding uses for their hotel beds.

A global study just released by the internet booking service has found that 45 percent of Hong Kong travelers polled liked to use their hotel beds for eating as well as sleeping - a mark that proved far higher than the global average for the same habit of 17 percent.

The survey focused on "how global travelers rated their quality of sleep when staying in hotels based on the effects of jet lag, size of the hotel bed, amount of pillows and noise from fellow guests."

As already noted, there were some surprising results too. One in three Mexican travelers, for example, said they were sure of a better night's sleep in a hotel bed, when compared to the bed they slept in at home.

And then there is the little matter of exactly how the world's travelers like to sleep.

One in three Asian travelers apparently opt to slumber in a starfish shape, while almost a quarter of Europeans like to lay like a log - on one side with their arms down.

The means by which people get to sleep also varied across the globe. A little late-night television was the preferred pre-sleep option for 53 percent of those surveyed, while 37 percent turned to the pages of a book to help them nod off.

The Brits and the Irish stood out from the pack in this regard, with 33 percent of Irish and 25 percent of British travelers saying they turned to a little nightcap before drifting off into slumber.

Hong Kong travelers meanwhile most often complained that hotel beds were too hard or soft (70 percent) or either had dirty sheets or too few pillows (20 percent each).

And back to the actual uses people find for their hotel beds. The survey also revealed that some travelers turned them into a library, a desk and, of course, the venue for a little romance.