Hotel prices across Europe hit 2011 lows

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Hotel prices across many cities in Europe are at their lowest point this year, according to research released August 17 by

The hotel comparison website calculated in its monthly Hotel Price Index that 36 of Europe's top 50 cities saw a drop in price between July and August, with the average cost of a night in a European hotel now €113 a night.

Significant falls include the Swiss city of Geneva, traditionally Europe's most expensive destination, where rates have fallen by 23 percent to €220, and London, where rates are down 19 percent to €172.

Italian cities in particular have also seen dramatic price drops since last month, including 17 percent in Turin (€88), 15 percent in Florence (€115) and 14 percent in Rome (€113).

In Northern Europe, however, prices have crept up - hotel rates are up 20 percent in Norway to €173, 17 percent in Finland at €117, 13 percent in Denmark to €156 and ten percent in Sweden to €156.

In Scottish capital Edinburgh, the annual arts festival has pushed hotel prices up to Europe's second most expensive, at an average of €214 a night.

Trivago also noted that year-on-year, hotel prices remain at a significant premium, with most cities offering rates that are between 10 and 20 percent more expensive than the same period last year.

Paris, Cannes, Venice and Prague are among the cities which will cost travelers far more this year than they did 12 months ago.

Europe's most expensive destinations - August 2011

1. Geneva (€220)
2. Edinburgh (€214)
3. Venice (€197)
4. Cannes (€184)
5. London (€172)
5. Oslo (€172)

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