Hotel prices have fallen dramatically in the United Kingdom during August, according to data released August 11 by Trivago, although the cost of a night in the rest of Europe has stayed fairly stable.

While the UK's largest declines were seen in Bristol (€97), Blackpool (€69), and Newcastle (€92), which fell between 13 and 15 percent from July to August, London also saw overnight costs fall, with a ten percent drop to €164 per night.

London's decline was reflected somewhat in other major cities such as Paris (€128), Milan (€101), Brussels (€84) and Madrid (€79), which are all at their lowest price this year.

Trivago also reported significant price drops in crisis-hit Greece, where the price of a room for the night in Athens has fallen ten percent to €95 and Rhodes, a popular beach holiday destination, has dropped 23 percent to €108.

Destinations seeing price increases included Edinburgh, due to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which takes place in August, and slight increases in Dublin, Cannes and Stockholm.

The changes have shaken up the list of Europe's most expensive cities considerably - Edinburgh has topped Geneva in August, while Venice has fallen out of the list.

Europe's Most Expensive Hotel Rooms - August 2010
Data provided by Trivago

1. Edinburgh €214
2. Geneva €184
3. Cannes €164
4. London €164
5. Stockholm €154