Hotel prices jump ten percent across Europe

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Hotel prices in destinations across Europe rose sharply this month, according to figures published March 22 by comparison site Trivago.

Prices for a hotel night in Europe climbed ten percent on average in comparison to February, Trivago said, with prices up in 43 of Europe's 50 most popular destinations.

The sharpest rise was in the Italian city of Bologna, which saw rates rise 53 percent to €134, although nine European destinations registered hikes of between 20 and 35 percent and 21 cities saw prices climb at least ten percent.

Despite significant rises on the continent, British hotel prices remained relatively stable in March, with falls in cities such as Edinburgh and Birmingham canceling out a seven percent rise in London, which costs €172 a night on average this month.

At a country level, Turkey and Austria experienced the most significant changes with price rises of 23 percent and 22 percent respectively - a night in Istanbul rose by 31 percent to €109 a night and a night in Vienna was up 34 percent to €134 per night.

Only four countries saw their average nightly rate fall - Sweden, Bulgaria, Denmark and Russia.

The changes mean that Stockholm has dropped out of the five most expensive European destinations compared to last month (when it was in third place), and Venice, which has seen rates rise by 28 percent thanks to the annual carnival, joins the bottom of the list.

Europe's most expensive destinations

1. Geneva €269
2. Oslo €179
3. London €172
4. Milan €163
5. Venice €162

Data provided by Trivago