The average price of a night in a European hotel is €115 this month, according to data released April 7 by Trivago.

The Trivago Hotel price Index suggests that the days of room rates hit by the credit crunch may now be over - for the first time since July 2009, average hotel prices have risen above their equivalent 12 months earlier.

Almost all European cities showed a jump in room rates, some by as much as 20 - 30 percent. Hotels in the Czech Republic rose by a staggering 43 percent, according to Trivago, while the price of a night in Edinburgh and Barcelona rose by 23 and 26 percent respectively.

Switzerland, Russia and Sweden remain the most expensive countries, while Venice is the most expensive city - the average price of a night in the town will set travelers back €209.

Bulgaria was the cheapest country on Trivago's index, at an average €67 per night.

Europe's Most Expensive Hotels
Data from Trivago

1. Venice €209
2. Geneva €174
3. Rome €166
4. London €156
5. Paris €156