Hotel rates rising in the South of Europe

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Europe’s hotel prices in March 2009 are seven percent cheaper than a year ago, according to figures released March 6 by Trivago.

The average price of a night in European hotel will set travelers back €102, the same as in February 2010, although rising prices in Southern and Central Europe have cancelled out falls in the North.

A hotel in Rome costs 13 percent more than in February, according to the figures, whilst prices have also risen in Athens and Barcelona. Hotel rooms in Copenhagen and Stockholm, however, have fallen in price by six percent since last month and 13 and 10 percent respectively since the same time last year.

Geneva remains Europe’s most expensive European capital, at €195 a night. Eastern Europe remains the cheapest area, at €64 a night on average for Krakow and €68 a night for Prague.

Europe's Most Expensive Hotels
Data from Trivago

1. Geneva: €195
2. Oslo: €157
3. Madrid: €153
4. London: €139
5. Stockholm €135