International hotel chain Radisson is to launch a "business class" service for customers, the firm confirmed March 3.

The chain, which has 422 hotels globally, aims to introduce a premium tier of service for its top-level guests. The "business class" offering will include the best available room, breakfast, a turn-down service, upgraded bathroom products and a three-hour laundry service.

Accompanying the new service tier, Radisson announced that it is to roll out five room themes globally, further standardizing its properties. The themes will include "And Relax," "Naturally Cool," "New York Mansion," "Ocean" and "Urban" and will all feature a "vibrant and contemporary" design. Two new restaurants, "Filini" and "rbg," will also be introduced into the properties.

The company plans to invest $1.5 billion (€1.09 billion) in its plans in North America alone, with investment targeted at upgrading hotels and establishing flagship hotels in key US cities. The firm intends to use the Radisson Blu mark to identify its high-end properties, and introduce an intermediate Radisson Green tier.

Radisson’s move follows the $1bn (€731 million) relaunch of Holiday Inn by competing chain InterContinental. With over 3,300 hotels affected, it was the largest relaunch in hospitality history, providing new consistency such as a "Holiday Inn scent" and new landscaping for hotels.