Hey mum, let's go somewhere eco-friendly

According to a recent survey, 86 per cent of parents say they take environmental matters into account when choosing a holiday. The other 14 per cent pay no heed to green issues - they want "a holiday, not a science trip". But if you're among this minority, you're not long for this world. Eco-friendly family holidays are here to stay: the research, carried out by holiday website takethefamily.com, shows that people with kids are more likely than anyone to book low-emission escapes.

This is no surprise. As a parent, you just can't ignore environmental issues - your children won't let you. Mine seem always to be doing homework about drowning polar bears and dried-up English gardens, and "green-ness" is alreadyingrained in their little psyches. I only need to leave the tap on for a second while I'm cleaning my teeth and I get lectured about drought-ridden Africa. And their favourite place is the recycling tip (we often come back with more than we left with, from broken computers to golf balls, which we appear to be collecting).

So we have to make sure our holidays are as green as possible, too - which is why it's good to know there are now more family holiday operators trying to do their bit for the planet.

The Adventure Company (0870 7941009; adventurecompany.co.uk), for one, helps fund projects to reduce the effects of global warming. Its family offerings include four days at Agriturismo Fattoria Terranova, a working farm in the hills above Sorrento, where kids can grow beans and herbs and look after animals in the glorious Italian countryside.

Responsible Travel (responsibletravel.com), an online eco-friendly travel agent, also offers "holidays that give the world a break"; check out its family tour to Morocco, where you live like nomads. The company works in partnership with organisations such as Plan International, which strives to reduce global child poverty.

Exclusive Escapes (020-8605 3500; hiddenturkey. com) - a top-end operator, features family getaways including the Yediburunlar Lighthouse, an eco-hotel in Turkey which uses solar power, well water and home-grown organic produce.

But for some luxury that won't prey too much on your conscience, the Evasion Phuket Resort in Thailand (00662631 9777; sixsenses.com) is the place to be. It prides itself on being family friendy as well as committed to protecting the environment. It is the only resort in South East Asia to be certified by Green Globe.

Family holiday companies are becoming increasingly imaginative in their desire to lure parents and their green-minded offspring. Take the Grace Bay Club in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean (01649 946 5050; gracebayclub. com) which centres all its kids' club activities around teaching environmental awareness.

While One&Only in Kanuhura (01244 355527; itcclassics.co.uk) has even gone as far as introducing biodegradable golf balls which, hit out into the sea and dissolve in just four days. That's certainly one for me - it beats collecting them from the tip any day.

Katy's top tip

For a green day out, visit Greenwood Park in Snowdonia (01248 670069; greenwoodforestpark.co.uk), home to the world's first environmentally-friendly roller coaster - it uses people power to minimise the use of electricity.