How to improve holidays with children

'Hey Mum, let's take a dotcom tour'
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My kids often say they feel sorry for me because I grew up in the olden days before the internet. Most of us have come to depend on it for all the important things in life, including booking family holidays – and new websites helping us to do just that are springing up every day.

Among those worth a click is, a site "dedicated to babies". This online community gets parents sharing their experiences and giving honest reviews of family-holiday providers, and it features a broad range of tot-friendly trips and offers, too.

For all the clobber you never knew you needed, meanwhile, check out which has just revamped its site with more tested products. There's also an interesting "meet half-way" tool, which can suggest good meeting points for families who want to get together from different parts of the country.

But my favourite new find comes from Essential Escapes. Its website,, combines luxury spas with decent kids' facilities. The selection of hotels ensures that parents and their little treasures get the five-star treatment. Special offers include child reductions at the Anassa, Cyprus, which has some top-class kids' facilities and a truly luxurious well-being centre, where long-suffering old-timers can recharge our batteries.