In one European city, it is forbidden to wear a bikini in the street

The case of Eleanor Hawkins is not new. The British backpacker is just another name in a long list of tourists who have behaved badly abroad.

The 23-year-old was with a group of 10 backpackers at the summit of Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia who took their clothes off for celebratory photos. The mountain is seen as sacred to Malaysians. She has now been sentenced to three days in prison and fined almost £900.

For many, Hawkins' behaviour is not an example of someone making an honest mistake but clear evidence of many tourists' lack of research and respect when visiting countries with a wholly different culture to what they are used to back home.

Yet there are many cases of either draconian or frankly odd laws that are in place across the world that could certainly flummox the most prepared of visitor.

The Independent has compiled a list of the most extreme and weirdest laws to remember when abroad. Watch the video below to find out where it is illegal to wear camouflage in public: