"In 200 meters, bear left... To the dark side"

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Dutch navigation firm TomTom is to bring voices from the Star Wars films to navigation devices, the firm said May 4.

The company said that Darth Vader will be the first voice featured, before releases later in the year using the voices of C-3PO in June, Yoda in July and Han Solo in August.

Darth Vader's character includes quotes such as "Bear left, to the dark side" and "In 200 yards you have reached your destination. The Force is with you, but you are not a Jedi yet."

The Darth Vader voice also features sound effects from the films, including lightsaber sounds, TIE fighter flybys and the signature Imperial March music embedded into parts of the navigation commentary.

All the Star Wars voices will be available in English with French voices arriving in a few weeks and further languages available throughout the summer, retailing at £7.95/€9.95.

It is the first time that Star Wars characters have been used in navigation devices, although both TomTom and competitor Garmin have enlisted plenty of other celebrities to provide driving directions.

Add-ons for Garmin devices include Sean Connery and Ozzy Osbourne, while TomTom also offers customers voices from The Simpsons and John Cleese.