Canadian train dealing with snow / containerman2/YouTube

The New Brunswick area has had to deal with three extreme blizzards in the last week

In most countries heavy snowfall usually means severe train delays and general travel chaos.

However, in Canada, this is never a problem, with trains simply ploughing through even the thickest snow on the tracks.

In a video posted onto YouTube on Tuesday, one train enthusiast captured the spectacular moment a Canadian Railway locomotive powered through one week’s worth of snow in Salisbury, New Brunswick. The man, known as containerman2 on YouTube, was filming the track between Moncton , New Brunswick, and Salisbury, New Brunswick, when the Canadian National Railway Locomotive 2304 burst through the snow causing it to be pushed spectacularly into the air.

According to local reports, New Brunswick has suffered from three heavy blizzards in the last week and this has caused major disruption to the area’s roads.

On Tuesday, officials issued a state of emergency warning residents to refrain from driving and a week-long parking ban was started on certain roads.

If this video is anything to go by however, the area’s railways seem to have been less adversely affected.