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Q. Will I still be able to go to Marmaris in Turkey with the problems on the Syrian and Iraq border? Sandra Clarke, Suffolk

A .The attractive resort of Marmaris is tucked along Turkey's south-west coast, a long way from any conflict zone. But given that the nation shares borders with both Syria and Iraq, a number of concerned readers have contacted The Independent about planned trips to the region.

Yesterday the Foreign Office updated its travel advice to Turkey to warn of "the threat of kidnapping near the border with Syria".

The official advice currently warns: "There is a high threat from terrorism in Turkey and there are active terrorist groups throughout the country. These include domestic religious extremist and ideological groups, and international groups involved in the conflict in Syria."

The US State Department says: "While al-Qa'ida maintains a presence in Turkey, it has not staged attacks there for more than a decade. Groups and individuals imitating al-Qa'ida might attempt to do so, however."

While this sounds alarming, it is also the same degree of concern as prevailed at the time when you booked your trip to Marmaris.

Recent developments in Syria and Iraq will not immediately put British holidaymakers at risk, though there may be a long-term effect.

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