On the waterfront: Hong Kong / AFP/Getty

Travel Q&A

Q.I am booked to travel to Hong Kong on Saturday for a short break. It is a flight and hotel package with BA. With the ongoing protests there, I am concerned that it may not be an ideal holiday destination. I understand that the situation is changing daily, but I wonder if it is still wise to travel, and where we stand with regards to a refund/insurance if we don’t go? Simon Munday, Oxfordshire

A. Given the images of conflict that have been shown around the world, your concerns are understandable. However, one reason that the demonstrations are making such an impact is because the territory is generally an exceptionally benign place.

There is no reason to think that visitors to Hong Kong will be in any danger. You may, however, encounter disruption. As you have wisely bought a package, British Airways’ duty goes beyond simply transporting you to Hong Kong’s airport. It must ensure that the trip is safe and that you can access your accommodation. If your hotel is in the area caught up in the conflict, then the airline should find an acceptable alternative.

BA’s obligation ends there; bluntly, the fact that you may be worried is not its concern. Having said that, the airline has in the past adopted generous policies for travellers to locations where trouble has flared up. Insurance is not relevant; it does not cover disinclination to travel. The likelihood is that your journey will go smoothly and that you will return only with good memories of a vibrant city in a spectacular location.

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