Katy Holland: Finding a bargain family holiday online

Are we there yet? We're spending more time surfing for bargain family holidays than ever before
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Parents, listen up. When it comes to wasting time on the internet, we're nearly as skilled as our Facebook-addicted offspring. We're spending more time surfing for bargain family holidays than before, if a new survey from kayak.co.uk is to be believed.

Right on cue, I got an email this morning from Sabrina Day, an exhausted mum who spent a total of 18 hours on the internet last weekend in a fruitless quest for the perfect family holiday deal. Sabrina, you're a lightweight. I have been known to spend entire weeks searching for that elusive holiday, only to end up booking nothing. But let's not make it into a competition.

Is there help for us out there? Well, the best I can offer is a quick fix or two. A good place to start is the new School Holiday Offers link on the Association of Independent Tour Operators website (aito.co.uk). It features hundreds of deals during the school holidays from a large range of tour operators. (Sabrina, how does £417 for a week with Just Sardinia over May half-term with free child places sound?) Other sensible starting points include takethefamily.com, which features reviews as well as exclusive bargains.

Best of all, though, is addictedtotravel.com, a brand new portal with hundreds of family holidays to choose from. With any luck, it'll satisfy those cravings for a bargain holiday without all the time-wasting.