Are we there yet? A familymoon is about finding 'the perfect balance' between a romantic getaway and quality family time

If you thought the Caribbean was the ultimate destination for peace and romance a deux (remember that?), think again.

Paradise is being taken over by some of the loudest and least romantic holidaymakers you're ever likely to meet. Yep, kids.

This season, in Barbados, the Elegant Hotels Group (0800 917 3534; is launching its first familymoon. It's like a second honeymoon with a bit of a twist: you bring the kids.

But before you go getting any ideas, that doesn't mean dumping them in a kids' club while you chillax. A familymoon is about finding "the perfect balance" between a romantic getaway and quality family time. You can have it all, apparently: azure seas, cocktails at sundown, and the patter of tiny feet, or even huge great sulky teenage ones.

Packages from Elegant Hotels include a five-night stay at four of its five hotels in Barbados, offering a half-day of dedicated childcare and babysitting for one evening, as well as the usual honeymoon perks such as fruit baskets and romantic beach dinners for two.

But it's not just the Caribbean that's going big on families this season. In the Maldives, a new Family Experience is being launched at the Diva resort, which is pulling out all the stops to ensure kids feel special. They are welcomed with free soft toys and mocktails, and, from September, there's a brand new menu of dedicated kids' spa treatments to ensure that they can feel just as pampered as mum and dad.

Teenagers have their own sports and café club, with sunset fishing cruises and scuba-diving classes, and there are lots of activities for families to have fun together in a truly luxurious setting. Contact the hotel direct or book through Tots Too (0207-2843344;

A lovely idea, but spare a thought for those who don't want to take their children with them on a luxury holiday. It can be hard work finding a child-unfriendly destination these days. Is it a case of paradise lost?