Katy Holland: The annual detox isn't just for adults

Are we there yet? Get all the family fitter
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Hide the crisps and banish the biscuits. It's time to start thinking healthy thoughts, because 2010 is going to be all about getting your little darlings into tip-top condition.

Forget the predictable lectures about rotting teeth and childhood obesity, there's some fun to be had in the new year, because healthy holidays are promising to be the next big thing for family getaways.

For starters, new "wellness weeks" are being launched at the Elms Hotel and Spa, Worcestershire. The Ultimate Balance For Families programme (01962-772323; theultimatebalance.co.uk) has been specially created to make the task of getting healthy an "enjoyable pastime for children and parents". Take the kids to stay for selected weeks during May, September, and October and the whole family can detox and revitalise.

When you're not being served your three, daily, nutritionally balanced meals (prepared by the Von Essen Group's award-winning chef), or chilling in the spa, you and the kids can indulge in all sorts of invigorating family adventures together, from country walks, dancing and yoga, flower picking, healthy cookery classes, and much more besides, all designed to spruce up body and soul.

And don't think you can get away with flopping on a Mediterranean beach next year, because you can still choose the healthy option. Check out Lykia World (0844 482 1674; lykia group.com) in Antalya, Turkey, which is offering a "wellness experience" next summer for adults and children of all ages. Activities include yoga, stretching and sunset meditation, dance aerobics, t'ai chi, Qigong, and free classes in Tae Bo are being introduced, too. Book with Thomas Cook (0844 412 5970; thomascook.com) for all-inclusive packages and offers.

If all that sounds too much like hard work then the kind of serious pampering provided at the exclusive Fregate Island Private Hotel (0800 525 4800; fregate.com) in the Seychelles might be of interest. Here, you can languish in the lap of luxury at the Kid's Spa Experience, part of the sumptuous Rock Spa, where they can wallow away hours in a chocolate mud bath while being waited on.

Many of the more affordable family holiday companies are also planning a health kick next year. Canvas (0845 268 0827; canvasholidays.co.uk) and Haven (0871 230 1900; haven.com) are so keen to get families fit that they've set up all sorts of new healthy breaks for parents and children to enjoy. Haven's offerings include special parent and toddler weeks, designed to keep everyone on the move, with "wake and shake" sessions, sports days, swimming lessons and lots more besides. Canvas, meanwhile, is running new yoga workshops for parents and kids at many of its sites in France.

There's no excuse, then. By the end of next year we'll be a nation of fit and healthy families. But as it's still 2009 (just), there's still time for one more biscuit ...