Making-up holidays 'rarely succeed'

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Taking a trip to patch up a failing relationship rarely succeeds, according to a survey today.

As many as 21% of adults have booked a holiday to try to salvage a romance, a poll by Sheilas' Wheels found.

Of these, only 20% were able to reconcile their differences while away, the survey of 2,000 people showed.

Asked if they had ever broken up with a partner when on holiday, 41% said they had.

Most of those whose relationship failed to survive a trip blamed existing problems, while 12% put "alcohol-fuelled arguments" as their reason.

Of those who split up while on a trip, 11% reckoned it was best to spend the rest of the holiday alone, but 39% stoically stayed with their partner for the duration.

The poll found that the prime cause of on-holiday arguments was two people wanting to do different things.

Other concerns were bad weather, overspending and partner's irritating habits.