On the evening of October 13 Ryanair released 1.1 million free seats in an unusual response to a BBC documentary criticizing the company.

Ryanair announced the day the program aired, October 11, that they would give away 100,000 seats for every BBC claim which Ryanair believes to be false or misleading.   

"Last night's programme was more Bananarama than Panorama," said the company in a statement. "The BBC had no case, no facts and no clue. The only benefit it provided to viewers was the 1.1 million free seats Ryanair will give away as a result of its false claims."

The 1.1 million seats are available for travel in November and December, with no destination restrictions, and can be found on the company's website, as well as their counterpoints to BBC eleven criticisms: www.ryanair.com

Ryanair is a low budget airline and Europe's busiest carrier.