Mozambique airlines banned from European airports

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The European Union has added all airlines from Mozambique to a blacklist which prohibits operations within Europe.

In the 17th update of the EU's "no-fly" list, released Tuesday, all air carriers certified in Mozambique were banned from flying into the EU because of "significant safety deficiencies" uncovered by aviation experts working in the region.

Two aircraft operated by Air Madagascar were also banned from European airspace as a result in "persisting deficiencies in their operation and oversight," said the EU.

The new list, updated for the first time since November 2010, bans a total of 269 carriers from operations within Europe, hailing from 21 states around the world which are believed to have significant safety problems.

There are also three individual banned carriers (Blue Wing Airlines from Surinam, Meridian Airways from Ghana, and Silverback Cargo Freighters from Rwanda), with several other airlines facing restrictions on specific aircraft.

Although the EU lifted restrictions on four carriers from Indonesia and one from Ukraine, it issued a new warning on Russia, urging members to intensify their dialogue with the Russian Federation "to ensure that all aircraft flying into the EU comply with international standards."

The EU Blacklist
All carriers from:

Republic of Congo
Democratic Republic of Congo
Equatorial Guinea
Gabon (with the exception of three carriers which operate under restrictions and conditions)
Indonesia (with the exception of six carriers)
Kazakhstan (with the exception of one carrier which operates under restrictions and conditions)
Kyrgyz Republic
Sierra Leone
Sao Tome and Principe