My holiday in: Bordeaux

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What I liked

We stayed in an apartment called Citadines, and from the balcony we had a beautiful view of Bordeaux. The modern tram glides through the city like a dream, and the people were very friendly one shopkeeper even bought an English phrasebook so she could speak to us, because our French wasn't very good.

What I didn't like

I had my first ever sip of wine and it tasted horrible.

What I saw

A massive monument called the Chevaux des Girondins (above). We also went to a wine-making museum, which was interesting. I saw a bottle of wine that cost 500. Daddy said it was ridiculous, and I agreed such a lot of money for horrible wine.

What I ate

I couldn't stop eating because the food was so delicious. I was brave enough to taste a snail and it wasn't too bad, but the best was the cakes.

What I bought

Jewellery and cheese in the market. (I later found that you can get that cheese at Tesco!) The plane stank on the way home because everyone had cheese in their hand luggage.

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