My life in travel: DJ Yoda

'I loved the sunsets in Ibiza so much, I filmed my latest video there'

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DJ Yoda plays Kendal Calling in the Lake District from 26-28 July ( and releases his new album, How To Cut and Paste, this week (

Best foreign festival?

Soundwave in Croatia. It takes place in Tisno, a town midway down the Dalmatian coast. It's an impossibly beautiful setting: pine forests, beaches and harbours, and the guys who run it have an incredible line-up of artists every year. I always try to stick around for a few days.

Ideal night out abroad?

I'm into my food, so I'd normally base a night out around that. New York is one of my favourite places to eat, but I get overwhelmed when I only have a night or two in the city. I don't like missing out on amazing meals.

Ideal travelling companion?

The more I travel, the more I like to travel alone. When you're in and out of airports every week, you fall into a rhythm that other people tend to disrupt. I once took a mini-break in Bali alone, in the middle of an intense tour of Asia, and it was one of the best holidays I've ever had.

Party packing essentials?

Vegetables! Especially for music festivals in the ski resorts of the Alps. There's lots of drinking, but when it's time to eat, the only options are bread, pig or cheese. Last year, I packed courgettes.

Holiday soundtrack?

It's probably the DJ in me, but I'm obsessive about picking the right music for the right scenario. I drove Route 66 with my dad and we made sure the car music was specific to the state we were travelling through. The Native American chanting CD was good in Arizona.

Where has seduced you?

Malawi. I went to DJ at the Lake of Stars Festival, knowing virtually nothing about the place. I was lucky enough to have some time to travel around and it was one of the most exciting and interesting places I've been to.

Also, Australia and New Zealand. I've been touring there every year for six years now and I fall more and more in love every time I go back. My favourite cities are Sydney and Wellington. The people, the weather and the food are the best.

Favourite cocktail bar?

A shack in Negril, Jamaica, that only served "Dirty Bananas – basically rum and banana. I don't think the bar even had a name.

Best restaurant?

Ms G's in Sydney, which does modern Asian food. Everything I ate was incredible. "Stoner's Delight" for dessert was doughnut ice cream, peanut butter, raspberry jam, candied bacon, potato chips, Mars bar slice and banana fritter.

Favourite place to watch the sunset?

Ibiza. I was so amazed by the sunsets that I insisted the video to my track with Boy George was shot there at sunset. I was really happy with the way it looked. It's the kind of light that doesn't need an Instagram filter.

Ultimate city after dark?

Tokyo. Especially, if you don't speak Japanese, the whole thing is so amazingly confusing and fun. I thought Lost In Translation summed up the experience of being a Westerner in Tokyo really well.

Best place to lay your head?

There are lots of things to dislike about America, but there's no denying the hotel rooms are more comfortable than anywhere else in the world.

The luxury you get in a regular Chicago hotel room is superior to that of high-quality places on any other continent. That said, they do things like keep fireplaces lit in hotel receptions with air conditioning blowing out.

Morning-after rescue remedy?

Fresh air, plenty of hydration and rest. The worst thing you can do is have to take a flight – the experience of going through an airport with a hangover is hellish.

Greatest travel luxury?

My fully USB-chargeable Sonicare toothbrush and expensive Marvis cinnamon toothpaste. It's tooth brushing, but stepped up to the next level.

Next big night out?

My next overseas festival is Sea Sessions in Donegal. I can't wait, because it's a part of Ireland I've never visited. The closest I've been is Galway, which was surprisingly laid-back, creative and fun. I have a theory that the west coasts of countries tend to be the most chilled out.