'In Hawaii, you get up with the sunrise and go to bed early just after it sets'

Radio presenter and musician Huey Morgan has launched the Love Hate Social Club tattoo parlour and art gallery in Notting Hill, west London (lovehatesocialclub.com).

First holiday memory?

My mother took me to the Epcot Center at Walt Disney World, Florida. I was an only child so she'd saved up to fly me down from New York, where I grew up. It was really fun, but I just couldn't understand why all the countries were so close to each other.

Favourite place in the British Isles?

South-west Wales. I got married in Laugharne and love the whole area because it's so otherworldly. When my dog was alive, I'd go down with her and walk on the beaches for miles and miles. It's so beautiful: the castles, the little roads and the people are lovely, too.

Best holiday?

My wife and I go to Capri as often as we can. We stay at a place called Casa Morgano, funnily enough, so whenever I go back there they say: "Mr Morgan, welcome home!"

Greatest travel luxury?

A better class of travel. I try to travel first class because I've accumulated so many frequent-flyer points over the years of travelling as a musician. My mind might change, though, when I have to start paying for it myself.

Holiday reading?

I have an app on my phone which is pretty much called "free books". It lets you download all the classics at no cost. It's really good if you're away and want to catch up on something you haven't read for 10 years. It has everything from Moby-Dick to Sherlock Holmes.

Where has seduced you?

My passport has more Italian stamps than anywhere else. The people are very sweet and helpful, and I love going to places where the sun shines. I used to live on Maui in Hawaii, so I love going places where the weather's good and you have fresh food and water nearby.

Worst travel experience?

Sardinia. I went to an all-inclusive resort with my wife. It looked really good in the brochure but there were loads of kids running around and it just wasn't what we wanted. We wanted something secluded, so we ended up driving to the north coast and making for Capri instead.

Best hotel?

I like Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons hotels. I've done so much staying in basic hotels with the band [Fun Lovin' Criminals], that now, if I'm going somewhere, I want it to be a pleasurable experience. I remember the first time I stayed in the Four Seasons when we were touring with U2, I was like: "Wow! This is how they live." I also love any of the JK Place hotels, because the staff really take pride in what they do.

Favourite swim?

Off the coast of Maui. It's just one of the things you do in Hawaii: get up with the sunrise and go to bed a little bit after sunset. I wouldn't mind retiring there.

Best meal abroad?

Da Paolino on Capri, where you eat outside in a lemon grove. If a lemon falls and hits your table, the meal is on the house. I always try to shake the tree. On Maui, there's also Mama's Fish House, which serves amazing fish, caught fresh that day.

Favourite city?

New York. Living there, I got used to having everything 24 hours a day. If you're jet-lagged and wake up starving at 3am, you can go out and get a full steak dinner. You can probably even get someone to deliver it straight to you. When I first moved to England, I couldn't get used to places not delivering after 10pm. I took New York for granted for so long.

Where next?

My mother lives in Cape Cod in Massachusetts, which is really nice during the summer, so possibly we'll go there. Then I'm trying to find somewhere sunny in Europe that's not too far away for a family holiday. We're thinking of renting a place in Greece. Nobody likes yelling kids on a flight!