My life in travel: Jimmy Doherty, farmer and television presenter

'I always come back from holiday with too many ideas'
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First holiday memory?

Chasing lizards in Spain, wearing jelly sandals when I was six years old. My mother and her sister owned a villa out there so we went on family holidays there for about three years.

Best holiday

Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. I have particularly good memories of this holiday because it was when I asked my partner Michaela to marry me.

Favourite place in the British Isles?

It has to be my farm in Suffolk. Otherwise, I like the West Country and also Malmesbury in Wiltshire where we have family and often visit. There are these amazing gardens called Abbey House Gardens, which are home to The Naked Gardeners – lovely people who bought a house near the Abbey. They have beautiful rose gardens.

What have you learnt from your travels?

Not to come back with too many ideas. When I go away I have time to think, so I come back with a head full of far too many ideas.

Ideal travelling companion?

My wife, because we get on so well and have similar interests. We try to go away after Christmas when it's quiet on the farm.

Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

I'm a beach bum. My life is so hectic, it's great to go somewhere and completely relax.

Greatest travel luxury?

It has to be my little laptop with Skype.

Holiday reading?

I love reading text books or any kind of science books. I last read We Want Real Food by Graham Harvey, on holiday.

Where has seduced you?

Nepal. The landscapes are stunning, particularly the wonderful Himalayas. It is also home to the tradition of honey-hunting which I experienced first-hand in a village called Taprang. We have family connections with Nepal, too, as Michaela's late father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Gurkhas.

Better to travel or arrive?

I like travelling because you can kick back and watch a film on a plane with a gin and tonic.

Worst travel experience?

When I was travelling by plane from Wellington to Auckland and the engine gave up. We had to make an emergency landing; everyone was screaming and there was smoke everywhere.

Worst holiday?

Being robbed while backpacking in Thailand. I was devastated when I realised they'd stolen my camera.

Worst hotel?

It's got to be a B&B in Norfolk. It was very odd; when I opened the cupboards to unpack they were already full of clothes.

Best hotel?

The Amangalla in the historic Dutch fort town of Galle in Sri Lanka. I love the history of it, and the service is amazing. It's utterly relaxed – you can be left alone, you can visit the markets or just sit on the veranda and watch the world go by.

Favourite walk/swim/ ride/drive?

My best drive was along the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne. You have to do the drive in a convertible because the views are unbelievable – it's beautiful just watching the surf. The Twelve Apostles are amazing – the cliff has been eroded and the rock stands out of the sea like great big tower blocks.

Best meal abroad?

Crab claws at the Fishy Fishy Café in Kinsale, Ireland, because they are so fresh – all the fish has come straight off the boat. Everything is fresh and simple.

First thing you do when you arrive somewhere new?

I put my bags down and check the mini bar, then open the window, look at the view and try to get my bearings.

Dream trip?

I would love to have a horse, a tent and a load of friends and go on a camping, fishing, and survival-type trip around America, with a nice hotel at the end.

Favourite city?

Melbourne, but New York is pretty special as well. I love the vibrancy of Melbourne. You think New York is all about skyscrapers and shopping, but there's always a surprise around the corner.

Where next?

I'm going back to Sri Lanka, for a much-needed beach holiday.

'Jimmy's Global Harvest' starts on Wednesday 6 January at 8pm on BBC2