'My work for Unicef has taught me about the inhumanity of man'

First holiday memory?

Going to the seaside, to Cliftonville with my mother and father as a child between the wars - and I do mean the First and Second World Wars. My mother's family lived there so we used to stay for two weeks, which was a joy.

Best holiday?

Spending time on the Star Clipper a few years ago, one of the biggest sailing ships in the world. We picked it up in Phuket and sailed around the Andaman Sea to the Similan Islands and Koh Phi Phi. It was beautiful.

Favourite place in the British Isles?

I was born in London, so going there is always a treat. Kristina and I also have children there, and two of my son's restaurants are in London - Hush and Shumi.

What have you learnt from your travels?

For the past 14 years the bulk of my travel has been for Unicef, so I have learnt a lot about both the generosity and the inhumanity of man. It has been a very rewarding experience and has taken me all across Africa, Australia, South-east Asia, the Far East and South America. I have learnt a great deal.

Ideal travelling companion?

That's easy, my darling Kristina. It's wonderful to travel with somebody that you love and we never travel anywhere without one another.

Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

I don't like beaches unless I can find a private one - I'm not a child at Cliftonville any more. I don't like bungee jumping, but I do like skiing.

Greatest travel luxury?

To be able to travel without bags, so you don't have put anything in the plane's hold.

Holiday reading?

I'm reading Clare Francis's Homeland at the moment, which is fascinating. A lot of my reading over the next few months will be the works of Hans Christian Andersen - I have been appointed an ambassador for the bicentenary celebrations of his birth next year.

Where has seduced you?

The pyramids and the Temples of Karnak near Luxor when we did a trip up the Nile.

Better to travel or to arrive?

To arrive at home, my ideal destination, as someone will unpack my bag. When I arrive at a hotel I usually have to unpack myself.

Worst travel experience?

I think arriving at or departing from any airport in America is just horrendous these days. Also, arriving in Asia after long journeys and having to do fundraisers feeling completely jet-lagged.

Worst hotel?

I would hate to say because I may have to go back there one day and I wouldn't be welcome.

Best hotel?

I can think of dozens such as the Plaza Athénée and the Ritz in Paris. Sheratons are wonderful hotels - in Hong Kong they have butlers who will pack and unpack your bags for you, and they also collect for Unicef.

Best meal abroad?

I love seafood and shellfish. The crayfish from Sweden are particularly good. We also have a favourite place in France, called Charlot Premier in Nice, which does excellent oysters.

Dream trip?

I would like to take Kristina to Venice and then maybe to the Maldives. Kristina has been to the Maldives but never to Venice, and I have been to Venice but never to the Maldives.

Where next?

London, Dublin, Stockholm and Kuala Lumpur doing fundraisers for Unicef.

Roger Moore is an ambassador for Unicef. British Airways' appeal for Unicef's "Change for Good" campaign celebrates its 10th anniversary this October. Roger Moore will launch the High Street version of the campaign on 19 October; spare European money can be donated at any branch of HSBC. For more information visit www.unicef.org.uk