No thanks, we're British: Survey reveals UK tourists are offended by thongs and topless sunbathing surveyed 6,000 adults from the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain

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British people are a bit “prudish” when it comes to their beach activities.

A recent survey called Summer Snapshot 2015 by found that almost a third of people felt offended by topless sunbathing.

However, they were not alone as 31 per cent of French people would also be offended, compared with 18 per cent of Germans and a fifth of Italians. 

The UK also had the highest proportion of people who said they thought it was a no-go for women to wear a thong on the beach at 40 per cent.

And 37 per cent of population in the UK and Germany said it was wrong for a man to wear the same garment, compared to only seven per cent of Spaniards who would be displeased.

Going commando was particularly popular among Spanish people at 16 per cent, but only five per cent of Brits admitted they had done so.

The survey of 6,000 people found British people liked to be more conservatively dressed on the beach, with 20 per cent preferring to cover up with a towel or t-shirt. Only four per cent of Italians and Spaniards did the same.

The UK also made the tamest sculptures with just two per cent admitting they had fashioned anything rude out of sand, compared with around a fifth of people from Spain and Italy.

Naughty shenanigans on the beach were unpopular among Brits too. Only six per cent said they had engaged in such activities.

Matthew Crummack, Deputy CEO of the group, told MailOnline Travel that the research showed that Brits were “not quite as brash and obnoxious as people perceive[d] us to be".