More planes are taking to the skies this month everywhere in the world apart from North America, according to OAG Aviation.

Airline schedules have decreased by 0.5 percent in North America, the only region to buck predicted global growth that will see the total number of flights increase 6% over the same month last year.

Central and South America, however, showed impressive domestic growth, with seat availability expected to rise 16.8 percent to 21.4 million seats in June.

Flights within the Middle East are also expected to continue their growth trend, posting a 12.8 percent increase and flights within Asia Pacific are expected to rise 10.1 percent.

In total, 2.6 million aircraft will take to the skies this month, an increase from 2.4 million in June 2009.

The Middle East and Asia-Pacific are expected to continue to show a growth in visitors, with 12 percent and 11 percent more flights on offer respectively.

OAG singled out travel between North America and Asia Pacific as being particularly strong, with Beijing to North America increasing by 20 percent and Vancouver to Asia-Pacific increasing 14 percent.

The route between North America and Singapore, a business hub in the Asia-Pacific region, was the only one to decline in capacity, dropping 34 percent.

Indonesia's Jakarta airport posted a staggering growth in departures and arrivals to handle an estimated 4.3 million passengers in June, an annual jump of 45 percent which follows the lifting of international restrictions on some Indonesian airlines because of safety concerns.