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Virgin boss wants end to terrorism warnings

I agree pretty much with what Sir Richard Branson is getting at. However, I don't see how governments can avoid giving advice to their citizens.

Walter Morgan

This article would have sounded better had the author not had vested interests in the tourism industry.


The FCO is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Say nothing and it gets hammered if something happens. Give out measured advice and it gets criticised too. Should we not have serious travel advisories for Yemen, Afghanistan, North Korea and parts of Iraq? I wouldn't want a backpacker wandering in there for a quick look. The latest FCO advice on no-go areas looks detailed and pretty much spot on. Scrapping them is not the answer.

Stuart Lodge


I have been paddle- boarding in the UK for two years. You don't have to fly to Florida to appreciate the benefits of this great sport. Our waterways and coastline are tranquil havens, just waiting to be explored. Once you have experienced the perspective from a stand-up board, canoes seem stifling.


Upgrade auctions

You can't spend company cash on a blind auction. I travel long-haul a lot, and getting an occasional upgrade is a real loyalty winner for me.


With Air Asia, you can upgrade after takeoff, if there's space available, at a reasonable cost. That seems sensible.

Chris Frankland

I actually prefer economy. One's fellow passengers are so much more down-to-earth and pleasant.

"Dalai Loafer"

I watched in awe in the Eighties as my father, aged 72, and his gorgeous 36-year-old wife, both dressed to the nines, got upgraded to first class at the gate for a flight from Chicago to South Africa. Being good looking and well-dressed helps a lot.