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Himalayan hit parade

Everest will always be the favourite of most Himalayan enthusiasts. But the Everest of Norgay and Hillary is not the Everest of today. For sheer beauty, no peak can beat Kanchenjunga, the third highest. It's awesome, especially at sunrise. Bhutan, on the other hand, does not allow her mountains to be climbed. It truly is unspoiled and a real representation of what the Himalayan family should be like. For that reason, Bhutan's Gangkhar Puensum at 7,570m has the title of the world's highest unclimbed peak.

"Bhutan rebirth"

'Gelato Gate'

I don't care what anyone says, the Italians are experts at ice cream and make the best in the world. I have had them in Turin, Milan, Genoa, Florence and Siena. All delicious and nowhere near the €16 each that the Bannisters paid.


Across Tunisia

Janurary 2012: my last morning in the desert. We were camping at the Sand of the Owl. There was frost on the tents and icicles on the camels' fur. I rubbed my eyes and pinched my legs, but the scene remained the same – utterly strange but not a dream. Magical.

Peter E

Expanding Heathrow

Economic gain for the nation should not be at the expense of local people. They deserve generous compensation. Give them twice their house value. No quibbling.


If you buy or rent a house in Harmondsworth, Stanwell or Sipson then you have to expect some aircraft noise – it's not like Heathrow is a secret, or that it was only just built as a surprise. Would you buy a house a stone's throw from a football ground then complain it's noisy on Saturday afternoons?


You talk about a one-mile westward displacement on a new runway at Heathrow and the beneficial effect of raised altitude/lower noise. Over central London the displaced threshold would add 300 feet, making virtually no noise difference on the ground.

DK (former BA pilot)