Where readers write back

Plymouth and other airports

So Plymouth City airport is losing £8 per passenger [and is soon to close]. Why not put up the prices by, say, £15 and make themselves a healthy profit? It would probably still be cheaper than a train, a lot quicker, and more comfortable to fly from Plymouth to anywhere else in the UK. The traffic from that neck of the woods is just awful.


Runway length always made it hard for Plymouth to compete. Some land was zoned for an extension but it never happened. Even with a longer runway it would still be quite a constrained site. The city now needs to ensure it has the best possible surface links to Exeter and Newquay airports.


Coventry Airport reopened a while ago and although it has no scheduled services, there is flight training and private aviation activity there, and it is gearing up for freight services again. It looks to me as if Coventry will be a success again.


City of Derry airport handled almost as many passengers in March as Plymouth, Blackpool and Humberside combined. Furthermore, it is the only airport in Northern Ireland to show growth this year, with increased frequencies and new routes developing over the coming months. Does it deserve to be on the list of endangered airports?


Isle of love?

Anglesey has some magical and mystical qualities about it that rejuvenates the inner spirit of man or woman that cannot be explained. For the week I spent there, I felt that I was at home, peaceful and contented with my life and time.


High-speed China

I thought the whole selling point of railways was that they may not be as fast as flying, but at least they have the convenience of taking you to the centre of a city. China, on the other hand, has built a high speed train network that takes you from the outskirts of one city, to the outskirts of another, adding at least another couple of hours to the journey time.


Kites sans frontières

The locals would be devastated to discover that Camber Sands has moved to Kent! Please tell your kite flyers that it remains one of the best beaches in East Sussex.

Chris Stevens

Staplecross, East Sussex