Open Jaw: 'Gérard Depardieu should avoid Ryanair'

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30 years of Lonely Planet in India

The Lonely Planet handbook will naturally have cliches and well-worn paths. Which is fine, but for in-depth travelling, chat to locals and fellow travellers to find new, or more exciting, destinations.


The best way to select a guidebook is to visit a good library, or a couple of the wonderful travel book shops Londoners are lucky enough to have. I've been to the US and other book centres but none beat London.


"Today, the red tape for a passage to India is tangled, time-consuming and expensive." As is a passage from India, Simon, imposed by Her Majesty's Government on all citizens of the sub-continent. Simply tit-for-tat.

Paddy Miguel

48 hours in Istanbul

Ah, the Istiklal Caddesi and its noisy red streetcar. The dervish dancing on Sunday afternoons in the building to the right of the Palais de Suède. The French patisserie where young classical musicians entertain each afternoon. The wonderful Hotel Richmond. The gorgeous new underground at Taksim Square, with beautiful examples of public art. The sound of churchbells mixing with the call to prayer from mosques on a Sunday morning. The mix of seagulls and boats on the Bosphorus. There's no place like Istanbul.

Sue Doise

Ryanair to cut two loos?

Gérard Depardieu would do well not to fly on Ryanair. The airline is not as cheap as it looks, anyway; it's like a shop with a cheap offer in the front window and lousy customer service inside.

"Mitchell N Beard"

Ryanair has one of the most modern fleets in the business and an excellent safety record. Yes, their customer service is non existent. But my wife and I handed over £36 to them rather than £560 to Swiss.

"Disgusted of WB"

easyJet "free" flights

So you buy a much more expensive ticket, at two-to-three times the ordinary fare, with the very slim possibility that you might be able to get a free flight somewhere? Why not just buy two normal priced tickets?


Border control

It's a shame that the IRIS system is slowly being withdrawn. Last month at Birmingham airport, it was closed due to maintenance and the enrolment facility has disappeared.


Pic Saint-Loup wine trail

No doubt the wine of Pic Saint-Loup tastes better if you drink it in situ. I have always thought bottles from this region are overrated. Not that I would refuse if someone stood me a glass...

Chris Smith

Wild and wonderful in Chile

After visiting Patagonia three times, and Easter Island twice, I still can't get enough. The fact that you can taste some of the best wines in this country is reason enough to visit.

Levi Vasquez