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Grand Budapest experience

The town of Görlitz [a key location for the film] is indeed well worth a visit (my wife grew up there). The local Landskron beer will make you very amiable and the department store mentioned in the article, the old Hertie building, is a jewel.


La Réunion

Great to see La Réunion getting more widespread coverage. However, as an expat Brit who has lived on the island for 20 years, I'm disappointed to see mistakes such as Creole being referred to as a "patois" (it's a language), and the line, "driving around the wild south provides insights into the island's large Indian community" – people of Indian origin are all over the island, but mainly on the east coast. While the "cool, dry winter from late April to October" is mentioned, there's no reference to the fact that October to April is the hot, rainy season, with the possibility of cyclones.


BA launches cheap day trips from Heathrow

Are they mad? How on earth would one have time to go anywhere? Why can't they make it a three- or four-day break?

Steve Guy

This is something I do a lot already, because I have an old and unruly dog that I cannot leave with others, so a day trip is my only holiday. Thankfully, I live near Gatwick. I research the best deals on Skyscanner. I have done days out to Bordeaux, Nice, Toulouse and Venice on BA and easyJet – tiring but enjoyable. I am a postman, so I'm used to early starts.

Stephen Mattinson

I have been doing Christmas shopping day trips each December from Manchester and Liverpool to places like Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona for several years now – all for £100 or less and on a weekday. Sometimes, I don't come back with any presents, but who's to know?

Owen Ralph