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KLM brings à la carte to economy

I'm not concerned about the food on flights. I just want to arrive efficiently in time to find a nice restaurant on arrival.

Harry Hart

It's yet another "improvement" that will cost you a sizeable chunk of change. The term "improved offerings" should mean more for your money, not more of your money.

Christopher Haslett

Back in the Sixties and Seventies, this was standard service in economy class on long-haul flights. Except back then, it was not subject to surcharges.

Peter Thomasson

So now the customer gets to choose from a range of three brightly coloured photos (plus a photo of a delicious vegetarian option) only to be faced with a small oblong plastic dish filled with tasteless spludge.

Charlie Brennan

Turkey's jet-set destination An entertaining piece on the beauty of Turkey's Aegean coast. I've recently returned from a wonderful break in the idyllic fishing village of Gulluk – reading it reminded me of the fantastic food, weather and hospitality. Gulluk is a charming spot and a world away from the nightlife of some parts of Bodrum. The current exchange rate also helps to make these jewels of the Aegean – Alacati in the north, Gulluk in the south – more amenable to the pennywise tourist.


European sailing holidays The seas in the Mediterranean can be nasty and choppy – sometimes with little warning. I've heard people moan that their skipper flatly refused to sail on the next leg of their planned journey because to set sail would be madness; and heard others complain that none of the restaurants open before 9pm. My advice is if you're going on one of these holidays, look at your watch on the way to the airport. If you're wearing one, you're not quite in the mood yet. Start off with the right attitude and you might come back a differentperson. Or perhaps, like me, you might not come back at all."drg40"

Adrift in Newfoundland

We are not some remote, backward, primitive place as Simon Calder's article suggested. The bustling, and thriving capital of Newfoundland is very much modern and offers tourists all the amenities one would expect when travelling. You pointed out some of our marvels – the whales near Cape Spear and the beauty of our shorelines – but your review drips with condescension.

Shannon Reardon

This man writes with a personality as cold and impersonal as many of the rocks he walked over.

Brian Carey

To judge for yourself, see Simon Calder's recent film of Newfoundland at independent.co.uk/capespear