Where readers write back

Exploring Spain's Sierra Nevada

Jeremy Laurance and his wife were unlucky to have cloud on their approach to Trevélez. It's one of my favourite walks with a long ridge along which the Sierra Nevada is shown at its best.

Jeremy Rabjohns

I have also walked in the Alpujarras and can thoroughly recommend it for reasonably strenuous walking through glorious countryside.

David Stanford

European city breaks

Do you really think that St Ambrose was a 4th-century Christian martyr? What a laugh! He was born in a palace (father was a noble) and died in another even bigger palace: the Bishop's Palace of Milan.


New BMI route to Agadir

I agree about BMI's strange policy of rerouting over the last few years. Recently, Bmibaby decided to pull out of Belfast International and fly instead to Belfast City, where Flybe already has a major hub. What made them fight it out with a major competitor on their home ground? I wouldn't be surprised to see them pull the route altogether.

George Gray

The demise of Buzz

Thanks for reminding me about that great little airline, Buzz. The yellow planes always seemed small and friendly, as did the staff. Then it was sold to Ryanair for a pittance and the planes were repainted. I still have a voucher for its £5 Executive Lounge at Stansted.

Patrick Daly

Traveller's Guide to Orkney

The Tomb of the Eagles on South Ronaldsay is quite amazing and Hoxa Head has lovely old gun emplacements that defended Scapa Flow during the wars. Also, Rackwick Bay on Hoy is one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire country.


48 Hours in Montpellier

Your reader "Elven" (Open Jaw, 23 July) grumbles about roads in Montpellier being closed while its tram system is expanded. We found similarly perplexing route barrée signs in Dijon where a new tramway is taking shape. But soon they'll be gone and les citoyens will be celebrating the opening of their stylish transport systems.

Brian Hughes

Chiang Mai to Bangkok

I've taken this train ride many times and I always enjoy it. It definitely has advantages over flying or driving. On the train, the journey is the goal.

Thailand Reisen

Where to see whales

I spent a week on a whale-watching trip in Sea of Cortez off California and didn't see a single one (although dolphins and sea lions partly made up for it). Two weeks later, I went on P&O mini-cruise to Bilbao and saw more whales in the Bay of Biscay than you could shake a stick at.


The Sea of Cortez cannot be beaten. In one day, I snorkelled with whale sharks, saw hundreds of dolphins, dived with sea lions, and watched a humpback breach the water beside the boat. That day will stay with me forever.