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Caledonian Canal

Your readers may be interested to know of the good public transport links in the area, which would help the independent traveller enjoy a car-free holiday. Buses run from Inverness to Fort William every two hours, with extra runs from Inverness to Drumnadrochit and Urquhart Castle. These services give you the opportunity to walk the canal without retracing your steps.

A Highland Rover ticket not only gives virtually unlimited travel on First Scotrail trains on the West Highland and North Highland Lines, but it also covers the route mentioned above.

Bob Barnes-Watts

Go by train to Fort William and finish this trip in Inverness for some five-star rest, relaxation and culture at the new theatre and lovely restaurants on the riverbank. Don't forget to visit Culloden. It feels like the battle just happened and the hair on the back of your neck will stand up.

"Nux Nix"

America by train

You mentioned the Amtrak going between cities in the US. Unfortunately, the experience is ruined by the sardine-packing mentality they have (unless it has been changed). You can't spread out in different compartments like you can in England. For example, when I travelled from Richmond, Virginia to New York a few years ago, all the people going to NY were packed into the same compartment until it was full and then into the next compartment, similarly. As if the whole train wasn't going to New York. Lots of other carriages, where the occupants weren't going all the way, were practically empty. The same policy was practised on other routes. As Spock might say: "Illogical".

Jim Greer

Literary Buenos Aires

I really enjoyed this piece, but the line: "Borges would surely have approved of the Palacio Barolo, a modernist building found a further short walk away, up Avenida de Mayo" is confusing, because Borges would have been alive to see the completed Palacio Barolo.


Cheap flights to Malaysia

The most striking finding in your report is that it is cheaper to take a 13,000-mile round-trip to S outh-east Asia than a standard return trip from London to Glasgow – which says a lot about the privatisation and supposed competition in our rail network. Also what amounts to a rip-off by certain airlines on extras and credit and debit-card payments.

I hope the OFT look into both and will rule in favour of the public.