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Tips for US road trips

As an American, I found this an interesting and informative article. However, this comment struck me: "Turn off the air‑con, open the windows and let the warm Nevada breeze wash over you ..." Trust me. You won't do that in August! Nor between May and October. When I was in Las Vegas last August, the taxi driver told me it was a "nice day" because the temperature had dropped to "only" 42C.

If you go off-road in that part of the country, make sure you pack water and food in case something goes wrong. Have a GPS and tell someone where, and when, you expect to get off the road; if you do not return around the promised time, they should call the park service or police. Ken Starr

Manchester airport buys Stansted

I hope Manchester Airports Group does Stansted justice. It has room for a second terminal building allowing one for departures and one for arrivals, plus lots of room for more satellite buildings. It has a massive amount of land within the airport boundary. It now has perfect links to the M11 and A12, A120, A14 and on to the M25. It also has the largest surface car park in Europe at more than 26,000 spaces.

Ben Sutton

Rail investment is key to opening up Stansted to new long- and short-haul airlines. The current journey time from London can take up to an hour to cover 35 miles and reliability is a significant concern. The new owners should embrace the airport's "Stansted in 30" campaign, challenge Network Rail to act now, and put Stansted on a level footing with other major London airports.

Clare Blackburn

Augmented reality in Seville

I love the use of technology to provide a multimedia history lesson. If I ever make it to Seville, I will check this out.

Debbra Brouillette

Driving around New York City with a yellow-cab driver

The term "BoCoCa" is a somewhat recent invention, devised by realtors [estate agents]. No one I know from any of these three neighbourhoods [Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens] would say they live in BoCoCa. Each one is a little different in terms of the vibe and its denizens.