Dissent over 48 Hours

Your "48 Hours in Edinburgh" omitted the most important ecclesiastical building in the city – the High Kirk, St Giles' Cathedral. Not simply Scottish history, but British history, was made there on 23 July 1637 when the Church of Scotland rejected the attempt of Charles I to impose an English-style liturgy on it. Yet the writer recommends worship at an episcopal church: St John's. This looks like sheer pro-Anglican bias. The music at St Giles' Cathedral is just as fine, and the church of St Cuthbert (Church of Scotland) next to it has better architecture and, in my view, better worship.

Alan Hall

Your "48 Hours in Budapest" was somewhat out of date in the travel details. The budget airlines such as Wizzair, Ryanair, Jet2 and easyJet fly to Ferihegy 1, closer to the centre than Ferihegy 2 used by traditional airlines – and connected by a direct rail link, every half-hour to Nyugati (Western) railway station in central Pest. It costs 320 forints (a bargain £1) and is fast and convenient. If travelling from Nyugati, be sure to ask for a gyorsvonat ("fast train") ticket and not an InterCity, which will cost double because they add on the seat reservation charge.

Lucy Mallows

The information age

Thank you for your timely article. I have been asked by Bmibaby to provide passport details – even though I am travelling to southern Ireland, which I have visited for over 30 year, and for which I always understood that I did not need a passport to go there. Incidentally, for two return flights which started by costing 0.04p per person each way, we have finally paid £171.38.

Anne Wallis

I read with interest your article in which you described the Government's increasing appetite for knowledge about our travel habits. I was surprised to learn that the requirement to provide Advance Passenger Information does not apply to "those with executive jets or private yachts" given that these forms of transport possibly offer some of the easiest ways to conceal an individual's travel arrangements.

Ian from Hampshire

Greyhound gripe

A little bit cruel, your "Riding the Dawg" jibe. Granted the A3 to its junction with the M25 is nothing much; but then there's Wisley (forget Guildford), the Devil's Punch Bowl and soon the Hindhead Tunnel, the South Downs, Queen Elizabeth Country Park and Butser Hill, Portsdown Hill, Farlington marshes, then...Pompey! At least you're not as ignorant as one of your colleagues on another national newspaper, who appears to think the way to Portsmouth from London is via the M3.