48 Hours in San Francisco

Any of the Boudin shops are worth visiting. The range of bread there is incredible and the chowder in the hollowed-out bread bowl that the writer mentions is definitely recommended – it's a main meal for a fiver.

Paul Apple

I've travelled the world but never enjoyed anywhere so much as the San Francisco Bay area. Forget the tourist stuff and enjoy a month or two, even a year. Move up to Marin County, Point Reyes and Bodega and Sebastopol – you'll never regret it.


Beware euro notes bearing Greek serial numbers?

This story of Greek euros is an urban myth that has gone around and around. All euros are equal and the issuing country will have no relevance to the validity.


Greek coins will become collectors' items once Greece leaves the euro.

"Pamela 750"

Heathrow's hang-ups

There will be no need for a third runway unless the queue situation is fixed. My tour group experienced horrid delays last December and several have opted out of my planned tour for this October. Perhaps the whole group will choose a historic tour in Germany instead. If the planned British tour does go forward it will be a much smaller group than in years past due to the delays in immigration.


Air Passenger Duty (APD) may inadvertently help keep the passport queues short at Heathrow. Higher APD reduces the number of connecting passengers who might be tempted to stopover en route, but face a tax of £65 to do so –which would, for two travellers together, pay for a night at a European hotel. So many passengers will opt for the Continent instead.

Neil Taylor

Hamburg in miniature

Next time Simon Calder is in Hamburg, I suggest he check out Miniatur Wunderland, the world's largest model railway. You don't need to be a trainspotter to enjoy it. The attention to detail, the night sequences and the odd little comic touches make it well worth a visit.

Owen Ralph